Discount Dental Plans

I purchased a Discount Dental Plan because I don’t have dental insurance and I wanted a way that might give me a discounted fee when I go to the dentist. A discount dental plan is NOT dental insurance. Basically, you choose a dentist that participates on the discount dental plan and then when you go to that dentist, the dentist will give you a discounted rate to what they normally charge. But, you still pay the dentist directly. (I chose a dentist that my friend had been using for years. )

I recently went to the dentist and I probably saved about what I paid for the discount dental plan in just one visit. The good thing is that I still have the discount dental plan for about 13 more months. (You get 15 months when you sign-up.) Additionally, some discount dental plans also include a prescription discount plan, a vision discount plan, etc.

For a Coupon Code and For more information, 

or in Spanish, Planes Dentales de Descuento y Codigo de Cupon,

(But remember, these are not dental insurance policies and the plans do not make payments directly to the
providers of dental services.)

Have a good day!

-Glenn :)

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